Applying Board Game Design to Business Management.

When I started to get serious into board gaming this video got me to started thinking about board game design.  These can also be applied to general business practices. Making the customer experience paramount, for example reducing down time by keeping clients engaged and involved in the process.  The process of designing a board game is nearly the same process in developing a business.

This is a sample about what I had in mind.


Fresh Start


I have decided that I’m taking my personal website in a new direction. Before I didn’t really put a lot of care into my posts and my quality suffered. Now I’m taking the activities and hobbies that I enjoy and apply those to ideas towards business concepts.  We can draw inspiration from the world around us. Some background about me, my name is Keith Byrd and currently working as a consultant.  I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years, I played in a few different sorts of bands throughout the years, even got the opportunity to tour professionally for a few summers. I’m a casual athlete currently I’m a road cyclist and also I play disc golf. Telling stories is a passion of mine; main output is table top role playing games and board games. There are several writing projects I am currently working on.

I consider myself a generalist, which isn’t a terrible thing to be.  What I bring to the table is a breadth of experiences. Someone who specializes can work themselves into a dead end. While someone like me is able to turn situations around since we can approach problems from multiple angles.

I currently live in Monterey California which in my opinion one of the most beautiful locations in the country. See the picture above.  My objective is to change the way we approach business problems for small business and large alike.  Looking to post articles twice a week, with links to videos and things I like once a day.