Pacificon Protospiel 2017 Wrap Up

This is what a came into the weekend with Plutomancy


This event marked the one-year point on my game design journey. I stated on my previous post I had hit a rut in my design work. With the Protospiel at Pacificon I was hoping to get the wind back in my sails. I was Planning to try and be as frugal as possible at the con, I only ate out 1 once over the three days. Breakfast being provided Saturday by Pacific Rim Publishing and Sunday by Breaking Games. Thank you so much, some of us are starving artists and it was very much appreciated. The Protospiel was also sponsored by The Game Crafter, Game Kastle, The League of Game Makers, Jonny Pac Games, Bezier Games, Mayday Games and Impressions Distribution Services.  I had Planned to attend Friday Saturday and part of Sunday.

The game I was testing was Plutomancy. A magic item set collecting magic game with a rondel mechanism. After some feedback from Kublacon I have added some other elements that wanted to test out. Friday, I ran the game 4 times each time removing some troublesome spells and seeing from the feedback that some of the actions had gotten more complicated or troublesome.

Saturday, I made a different board out of Hex cards altering the space to remove the some of the unneeded aspects.

This is an exaggeration of what changes I made during the protospiel

I turned around and decided to hold off on doing some more tests and play some other games and collect myself because I was starting to get anxious and wanted to change more than I should at once. I felt like I needed to step away for a bit, so I went to the “paint and take area” and painted a Rob Zombie miniature shown here.


I did do several play-tests with the new board and a different end game condition and that fixed some of my issues. I still need really sit down and ask myself what am I trying accomplish with Plutomancy.  It’s hard to take feedback if I don’t really know if this feedback is steering me in the direction I want to go with the game.  That analysis I will save for a different post.

The cards that I removed from Plutomancy over the course of the weekend. 

Now for some specific shout outs.  A huge thank you to John and Ka for letting me crash in their room Saturday night. I was planning to sleep in my car somewhere but with the current heatwave that wouldn’t have ended well. They even set aside a Towel and provided me with plenty of water to fill my water bottle.  Jordan thank you for that extra Al Pastor Burrito! I was determined to only eat the food I had brought but that burrito hit the Spot! Thank you anyone that played Plutomancy that weekend. I realized that the newer features may have been clogging up the game-play.  I left the weekend  streamlining some of the cumbersome aspects.

I played some Fantastic prototypes over the weekend. To name a few  Dice Age, Scott Caputo’s Japanese garden Tile Game ( next time I will take better notes), Swing the Deal, Little Red Riding Hood, Dragons Duel?(Bard Games, David Huntley) and Arcane Knowledge,Royal Favor, Meeple Minions and Singularity are the ones off the top of my head. Looking forward to see the next iterations of all these games!

Looks like for me the next big playtest event for me is Dundracon in February.  I’m hoping to begin active development of Forged from Ruin 2.0 and have the Plutomancy completed before the end of 2017.  Stay Tuned!



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