What did I Do on my Board Game Designer Summer Vacation

facebook image.pngHello Everyone! Sorry I have been so quiet for the last few months.  Having a wedding ceremony will eat a ton of your time. Since Kublacon I feel I hit a rut in design pipeline.  After reviewing the finances after our ceremony and my upcoming honeymoon, I realized I was not going to afford to go Gencon 50. This saddened me especially since this year after becoming a designer I knew so many folks that were attending the show. Gencon was going to be an event I was hoping to pitch at least one of my designs. Since that was on the back-burner, I lost some design mojo for a time.

Over the summer I did start developing a new game called Realm Weaver. Which is a card based world Building Activity. Something to use before starting a home brewed RPG or writing a novel. Which allows you to create a fantasy or Sci Fi world by building most powerful being in the world and shaping the world from their prospective.  A Side effect of playtesting this is now I have a bunch of new RPG settings that would be a blast to play in.   This also spawned the idea of another pet project my on a Fantasy Post-apocalyptic setting Wyld Blight.  Not sure if this is the best use of my time but at least these endeavors are rekindling my work flow.

I am happy to report that I will be attending Pacificon September 1-3rd!  This is also marks the one-year point on my Game Design Journey. The day after Attending Pacificon 2016 I made the first prototype of what eventually became “Forged for Ruin”.  Since then I have designed 7 other Prototypes, not continuing to work on these but at least I am getting plenty of design practice. This year I have participated in 3 protospiels and  (Dundracon, Prospiel SJ and Pacificon) No porotospiel at Kublacon  but

there was a designer meet up and got some great play-test done! My goal for the rest of this year is to complete the overhaul of Forged from Ruin and finish Plutomancy.

keith and dalila